Rustic Antico Aquamarine Coins

Rustic Antico Aquamarine Coins


I created this set of eight (8) lampwork beads that were inspired by ancient Roman glass jewelry and part of my new "Vetro Antico" series. They feature a transparent light aquamarine blue glass and were given an "aged patina" while still in the flame. This effect creates a random mix of glossy and matte finishes, just as if the glass had been buried for years and recently unearthed. Each bead was hand formed into coin like disks, made to look as if the edges have been worn down with time.

* Coins: approx. 4mm thick x 15 to 16mm wide
* Mandrel Hole Size: 1/16" mandrel

MADE TO ORDER: The beads shown have sold, but I will make you a set that looks similar, keeping in mind that the patina effect will completely random and no two beads ever look alike. Please allow approximately 5 to 8 business days to complete your order.

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