Bottle Green Beach Disc Lampwork Glass Beads

Bottle Green Beach Disc Lampwork Glass Beads


I created this set of six (6) handmade glass disc beads out of a soft pale green transparent glass that has just a hint of blue and looks much like the color of old Coke bottles. I etched them to a frosted translucence that has a lovely sheer effect. No two beads are alike since I formed them with an intentional randomness in the flame, just like real sea glass.

* 6 Disc Beads, approx. 4mm x 16mm
* Wound on 1/16" mandrels

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I have done my best to represent this bead's appearance as accurately as possible, but please be aware that colors may appear differently under various monitors and lighting conditions.

All the lampwork glass beads featured in this shop are handcrafted by me in my studio in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. They are immediately annealed overnight in a digitally-controlled kiln for durability and strength, and thoroughly cleaned.