Rustic Beach Pebbles Lampwork Glass Beads

Rustic Beach Pebbles Lampwork Glass Beads


I love to collect all sorts of goodies on the beach, but found it hard to find pieces that I could easily incorporate into jewelry. So I created this set of six (6) free-form nugget-like beads using a variegated glass and etched them to a velvety finish. Each bead was given random soft facets and dents by hand so they look like the beach pebbles you find on the shore, formed by years of wear in the ocean—but complete with a ready made hole for jewelry making!

* 6 Nugget Beads, approx. 12.5mm round
* Wound on 1/16" mandrels, unless another option is chosen

MADE TO ORDER: The beads shown in the photos have sold, but I will make you a set that looks very similar. Please allow approximately 5 to 8 business days to complete your beads.

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